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  1. Replying to my own post here - the edit time window doesn't stay open for long does it? For all those having trouble with Barclays closing their account:- I went through this with Barclaycard - all they want is a UK address, you don't have to prove residency. I gave a relative's UK address, a UK based email address and an old mobile phone with a UK PAYG sim in it. It's just an ****-covering exercise by Barclay's management who insist that EU regulations say that they cannot operate your account if you don't live in the UK I dispute that as we have several NatWest accounts and they are quite ok with us living in France. Or more likely, they just want to get rid of accounts that don't make them money. If for some reason they find out and object - what can they do to you? The square root of zero.
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