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  2. I apologise unreservedly to AB for my post above. He has an unenviable job. Maybe I should read my posts more than once or twice, or in some cases, read and submit the next day.
  3. I've gotten all the information I need. Thank you so very much, ssoman. No need to start a war over it.
  4. I saw her when she was part done
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  6. L’ Hermione? Saw her being built at Rochefort, fascinating process.
  7. Sorry, I should have said the Seine is not tidal in Paris! Obviously it is farther downstream, near Le Havre! PS I saw a TV programme once about those magnet fishers; incredible what they find…
  8. Quem deus vult perdere prius dementat.
  9. Yes she will be a loss to the Forum
  10. Don't know about mud larking, but we do have these here in Nantes " Pêche à l'aimant" Fishing with very powerful magnets on the end of a rope. We have seen them gathered at the port are in Nantes dragging loads of old metal objects out. Like many things in France which we may think is harmless, it is, in fact, regulated as this article mentions. https://www.lagazettedescommunes.com/692860/peche-a-laimant-quelle-reglementation/
  11. Our first locataire was over 70 and we would have had her rent for ever, but unfortunately she died. Her only failing was insisting to pay by cheque each month. As they years passed, she increasingly forgot to sign them. I took to doing it, which the bank never queried. The second one was in her 60's, she died too.
  12. Thanks NormanH. I served in the RN for my professional life and was both General Service, a submariner and an Diver. When speaking to my French counterparts, I discovered that for time served in their armed forces pension related time a year's service was not, in fact a year! A submariner, for example, counted his "year" as double his "ship" counterparts. I knew a counter measures diver who got several times the actual time served when on deployment. For us a "year" was in fact just a year. The same for their pay. Met up with a French group in the Indian Ocean, they were on double pay during their time away from home base. We were on the same rate as UK service. It is indeed difficult to make comparisons.
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  14. There seems to be no word for it in French - perhaps it's too muddy a pastime for the locals to enjoy! But actually, would there be much scope along the Seine? It's not tidal, like the Thames.
  15. My post was not publicity. It was simply an attempt to inform the OP of the availabilty in France of the product which they wanted to find here. For the OP's information - just Google the name of it. Hey Timothy, why didn't you delete the original reference to the name of the product? Have you joined the woke brigade? I suggest that you apply your strict rules more to removing posts advertising whorehouses, sex games and other dubious pursuits, which appear regularly here, than to innocent attempts to help people. Inutile is the term which springs to mind.
  16. I have kept to the strict rules of no publicity decided by the owners of this forum and removed the last post. If you do want to refer to specific products or whatever please do it by personal messages.
  17. I have 3 small French pensions from different "Caisses"so have had to jump through all the hoops French pensions are calculated rather differently from the UK State Pension. For a start there are a I think 42 different branches each with different conditions that have been negotiated in partnership with the Unions over there years. If anyone here has a teachers' or civil service pension that's give some idea of the model since the amount you receive is based on three factors: how long you have worked; an average figure( which is calculated differently in the different branches) and something called the 'taux' https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F21552 Remember that there is a difference between the number of years you have to work to qualify for a pension, and the age at which you can take it. I believe that now in England you qualify for a full state pension after 35 years contributions (although I am open to correction on that), but you can't take it before 67 (in my day 65) In France you have to I have paid 42 years contributions, and this is going up on the new plan, so while you might be allowed 60 or 62 many people will not have paid full contributions by that age. Another difference is the way in which contributions in which contributions are calculated. In France contributions are calculated in France it is 'trimestres' ad if by chance some of them are not 'complete' (that is to say that not enough hours have been worked to count as a full 'trimestre' you can find yourself with some incomplete years. There is no equivalent to the OAP: pensions of calculated according to the above rules, so there isn't a single standard pension, although in some circumstances there is a minimum, BUT there are many people on very low pensions, often women who did not work in their own right for example. One final difference is the retired people in France continue to pay some social charges( in bands according to their income) unlike in the UK where retired people do not pay National Insurance. I am not putting a case for or against the present reform or the protests against it, but I am trying to warn against making easy comparisons of very different systems.
  18. Si vous n’avez pas encore de numéro de sécurité sociale, demandez-le à l'organisme qui correspond à votre situation : Vous êtes salarié, travailleur indépendant ou vous exercez une profession libérale Contactez votre caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM). Vous êtes sans emploi ni activité Contactez votre caisse d’assurance maladie
  19. https://www.ameli.fr/assure/droits-demarches/principes/numero-securite-sociale
  20. A further point which may apply to some of us is the extra protection offered to people over 70 https://www.priorite-seniors.fr/habitat/peut-on-expulser-un-locataire-de-plus-de-70-ans/
  21. Thank you. I appreciate your answers. I already have a letter from my Dr. stating that I need it, so I'll bring it in its powdered form, clearly labeled. Over years of experimentation, I've learned that it's the only thing I can take before bed that keeps me from have extreme lows overnight without starting the night on an extreme high. Sigh. My carryon is getting heavier by the minute! lol.
  22. Apparently it's a meal substitute, not a medication as such, although it is aimed at diabetics. I've searched, but it doesn't seem to be available in France.
  23. ‘Treasure hunting’ on river banks at low tide, often enough very muddy!
  24. I’ve obviously led a sheltered life, but what’s ‘mudlarking’?
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