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  2. They also tested the available download speed at the property, its 5mbs per second!! Fibre coming in June apparently
  3. Appreciate all these replies, very helpful indeed. We have a 130cm dish but can't receive any decent programmes from the UK or France apart from the God channels and sometimes a shopping channel. Never had a problem until 2015 and despite upgrading satellite box/dish, absolutely nothing for the past 6 years. Agree with most others, French TV is absolutely awful. Have organised phone line and broadband connection (phone line was installed but never connected 12 years ago) so am hoping it will be OK although we have just been informed that despite me telling the agent on the phone that we wouldn't be coming to France for another month (but someone would be able to see the engineer into the house) the router will be delivered to a central depot some 30kms from our house and must be collected within 7 days. So have had to cancel because I can't ask my neighbour to go all that way to pick it up. Honestly!
  4. Not just any motorist but someone with a blue badge. Unless there is something you've missed I would be dead before I would pay any fine. In the UK I have successfully won 2 out of two cases in the tribuneral rooms against the sly councils.
  5. If you try and gain useful guidance from say, an Avocat (Lawyer), then it will prove very expensive. I know; I have used one! However, France does have an equivalent to the UK Citizens' Advice Bureau. https://www.connexionfrance.com/Archive/Where-can-I-get-free-legal-advice Clearly, Landlord-Tenant law is a complex process and you need to seek advice. The lesson seems to be, here, ALWAYS demand a contract/agreement in writing, which would normally show duties and obligations. Personally, I feel the landlord is trying to pull a fast one... As they are inclined to do.
  6. Ouch! Scan the minute card and blow up the image to A3. Stick on cardboard and ensure whenever you park in an invalid area (which you are clearly entitled to do) both the A3 card and the minute original are clearly displayed. Personally, I utterly despise anyone who has sunk so low in life, that the only gainful employ they can find is to persecute motorists!
  7. I have already found another place to stay so I don't need a reference but I have paid all of my rents and I made a security deposit at the start of my contract which I want to get back. When I arrived at the apartment they did say that they have taken photos of it, though I do not know if they did that with a bailiff. Now, I know that my security deposit is supposed to go to any needed repairs, but how is that at all relatable to cleaning?
  8. Do you have a Bail? Have you found another place to rent and do you need a reference from your current landlord for the new place? The last tenant we had living under the conditions you list left not paying the last months rent but said we could keep his deposit in lieu. I doubt he would chase you through the courts, too complex and too long. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F31270 Le locataire est considéré comme ayant reçu le logement en bon état de réparations locatives. Il devra le rendre en bon état de réparations locatives, sauf s'il peut prouver du mauvais état initial du logement. La preuve peut être apportée, par exemple, au moyen de photographies réalisées par un huissier (démarche payante). Pour les autres réparations (travaux à la charge du bailleur ou vétusté: Content des lieux), c'est au propriétaire de démontrer qu'elles sont imputables au locataire. Google translate The tenant is considered to have received the accommodation in good repair condition. He will have to return it in good condition for rental repairs, unless he can prove the poor initial condition of the accommodation. Proof can be provided, for example, by means of photographs taken by a bailiff (paying process). For other repairs (work at the expense of the lessor or dilapidated: Content of the premises), it is up to the owner to demonstrate that they are attributable to the tenant.
  9. Hello, I arrived in France last year and rented my first apartment here. The apartment was part of my landlord's main residence and when I arrived we did not do an etat des lieux and did not ask for it as I was not familiar with the French law. I am now leaving the apartment and my landlord states that it is not clean enough and needs me to leave it in perfect condition (which was not when I arrived) or he will charge me for cleaning from the deposit. Now, of course I have cleaned the apartment but he searches every nook and cranny. Does he have the right to do this? The contract does not state anything about cleaning, it states that I would be charged if any repairs are needed. Thank you in advance.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Yes ......... thanks for your replies you two. You might be amused to learn that yesterday we received a €135 fine for parking in a ‘blue space’ at our local market ten days ago ! Now, you might be amused, but we were less than amused because we are always fastidious about displaying Mrs G’s Carte Mobilite on the dashboard. BTW, the fine is €135 now, but €350 if you don’t pay within 45 days. I spent 90 minutes of what remains of my life this morning going through the online ‘Contestation’ process. Not easy. The problem (I suspect) is that newly issued cards are like ‘carte bancaires’ - quite small and not like the A5 things before. The bloke who did us, simply didn’t see the little card ........... probably. Will post the outcome, but I’m not optimistic. “The agent didn’t see your card, so you’re guilty as charged”.
  12. Absolutely - which is why we had and wanted to leep the original fixed line, in spite of the cost ... mind you, today I find that line fixe is not working, rings beautifully if you try to ring it but not a sausage of sound does it make her (I wondered why hubby was not answering my phone call!!), .. and the line is dead .. here I go contacting Orange .. tomorrow - now! We wonder if they are trying to tell us something!
  13. Blimey .. right, will look at it more seriously .. but maybe wait until the wonderful fibre is installed! 😀
  14. You will still have the option of 'fixed line lite'. That is, you can still use your existing phone by plugging it into your Livebox where it takes on a voip protocol and will still perform as it used to do, (until the internet goes down.).
  15. French telly ????? God it is awful. Jeeesus....it is awful. I am not surprised for one minute France has a delinquency problem. With kids and adults. Rodeo anyone ? Amazon Prime, Netflix.....You Tube is great once you get the hang of it. French telly. Apart from undless episodes of 'Rex'... which is Austrian BTW....it is wubbish!
  16. You did indeed, Gardian. And I earlier responded to the other post.
  17. Just looking, tells me little, ie is it a subscription paid serivce .. any further info please?? Seems too good to be true to be free ... in spite of the name!
  18. If you are in an area where fibre optic is being installed, you may find that you can do (or be made to do) other things, we shall loose our standard fixed line when this happens (not our choice, but it seems that copper cabling is being phased out as soon as possible). This is through orange and they do have various options with TV, mobiles etc etc. We inherited a satellite dish and box enabling us to watch UK TV (OK, down boys!), we'd watch French TV if we could find much we liked!!, but would love to find alternatives too to the satellite but I have a hubby who resists change so it is easier to stay as is for now!
  19. Thanks Harnser - everything you’ve said makes sense. I guess that the only problem with phoning the local council is that I might get the green light from them, but the jobsworth ‘on the ground’ just gives you a ticket. BTW, I’ve just realised that I posted this last night in another area! Think that it must have been a slight excess of CdR !!!
  20. Good advice Gluestick - thanks
  21. British TV in la belle France? Load of rubbish! I would suggest you buy a cheap flat screen TV in France and at first, watch French TV with, where possible Sous Titrage: literally "Under Words in text", which will greatly assist you with your French language skills. All new sets come with the de-coder built in for the French equivalent of Free View digital service. All you need is a terrestrial aerial. But of course, if you must watch such junk as pretending you can dance whilst the professional waltzes around... Or you could buy a Firestick from Amazon and watch zillions of good movies for free, once you have broadband. As well as excellent past TV series.
  22. I regularly use THIS site. It contains 141 pages of global tv stations. There is a 'Choose Country' and 'Choose Category' on the homepage and on the right-hand side of the screen there is a top 100 sites list which contains a selection of UK stations and their channels.
  23. I doubt that it would be valid in the UK. A UK blue badge can be used in many European countries - except France! They are "undecided" as of September last year. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/blue-badge-using-it-in-the-eu/using-a-blue-badge-in-the-european-union#:~:text=You can use your UK,disabilities in the European Union Another reason is that these badges are issued by UK local councils who are probably less likely to be aware that other european countries issue them as as well. Having said all that, the cross border database co-operation for speeding etc was cancelled after brexit, so how are the UK authorities going to trace you, unless you get clamped at the time of the "offence" of course. Try phoning the local council in the UK where you will be visiting?
  24. Actually, this is more about driving in the UK. Mrs G has a carte mobilite, which is the ‘blue pass’ card which allows the disabled to use the designated parking spots. We’ll (hopefully) be going to the UK in a month or two’s time and was wondering whether anybody knows whether our card will be recognised in the UK now that Brexit has happened? I’d be tempted to just go ahead anyway, but I know that the authorities are getting better at cross-border fines these days.
  25. This is still under negotiation, apparently, between the UK and France. Who knows? The way the idiot French and UK politicians have handled all negotiations thus far, since the separation, it might not be agreed, reciprocally, until 2030! If then! I know what I would do: print off a translation of your French badge and stick it in the windscreen when you park and leave your car. Useful info here: https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/Brexit/Brexit-will-French-blue-badges-still-be-valid-in-UK
  26. Marais, do you have a line connected to your building already or will the work involve a completely new connection from a nearby pole on the roadside? This might affect the timescale offered by Orange(FT). Your main requirement seems to be broadband for internet and particularly for UK TV. Others on this forum may be able to offer advice about the UK TV aspect but although we have Orange broadband we have been unable to receive UK BBC TV because we are in France. We have tried several VPNs without success as the UK companies are constantly blocking their attempts to hide. We rely on a satellite dish for Uk TV though that is dependent on your geographic position in France. We had to replace our 80cm dish with a 100cm diameter one which works very well. We are in central France.
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