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  2. Apologies if I have sent someone chasing after an answer. Have found the info...Paper licenses valid until 19 January 2033
  3. I understood that the "old" pink paper license is valid until 2033. Can someone confirm the correctness of this? Looking through the info on my paper license, I cannot see how long it is valid for but I am sure that this date of 2033 is written somewhere. If you know anything about this, could you please tell me? Thanks in advance.
  4. You have got hold of the 'wrong end of the stick' entirely. There is nothing 'holier than though" about me at all. You accept what I have said and even that you agree with me but then rather insultingly accuse me of something I'm not! I have made it perfectly clear that some don't have a choice, but that others do. You agree but strangely, you prefer to insult me.
  5. Ken, whilst I do accept what you say, if people in this region chose not to live here, in what is a basically a coastal plain of great depth .. even the Romans lived here .. there would be no-one living along the Languedoc and other coastlines. I agree that new builds now should not be put onto flood plains when possible, but history will show that flood plains have been populated over eons of time, since the world began even. They even occur in the Bible ... but you do seem to have an holier than thou attitude which is totally unehelpful, for not all get even the chance to make a choice, it's there or nothing.
  6. Anyone who has been 'flooded' will have suffered privations and chaos most people can't conceive of. Each year I see in the media the results of nature taking its revenge and I truly feel for those that suffer. I have spent many a shift sweeping , mopping and helping the victims of a flooding. Those people who live on a flood plain through no fault of their own have little or no choice but to simply hope that nature isn't going to hurt them but those who choose to live or move onto a flood plain must accept that what they are doing is a risk and should they be flooded , well they risked it and have to suffer the consequences. It is avoidable in many cases. When we moved to this region we did our research, as most do, part of that was being advised that whilst it is a beautiful area, there is a possibility of the river flooding the valley, and so it came to pass about 15 years ago. The whole Vally was under water, helicopters lifting people off roofs, the whole town of St Pée badly flooded, dead sheep floating around the roads, it was horrendous. We viewed this from our home on the side of a hill some 150m up! I'm sorry but people who choose to take a risk, be it for financial or aesthetic reasons shouldn't complain if it goes wrong.
  7. Last week
  8. Ken, where I am, most properties are in a flood plain area because that is what it is, and have been here for hundreds of years, not new build, very old towns on the whole, not particularly pretty, not because it is cheaper .. but what it is ..the whole of this part of the south of France is very low lying and always has been, it is not however, reclaimed land .. just a coastal plain where all the towns and villages are around here .. even the ones in the hills suffered the year after we did .. the weather patterns here are usually very kind, but there are storms every now and then, and have been over the years, which are reputed because they are more severe than the usual storms (2 fronts coming together, along with tides on the whole.) We were lucky in some ways, it came up and then down, and whilst there was a lot of mud and some furniture it wasn't possible to rescue, most was .. but all the floors needed to be redone and the kitchen was eventually replaced .. we were relatively lucky, but it is still not nice.
  9. I have , in another life, helped many people who have been 'flooded' out. The mess is indescribable and an absolute disaster for those involved. Those that have no choice but to live in 'flood prone' areas I have every sympathy for; Inheritance, family or what ever. Those that choose to live in such areas because it's 'nice' or more likely cheap, I think are stupid! Harsh perhaps but there is a reason properties are cheaper in such localities!.
  10. Hey, particulier, I MIGHT have done all that is necessary! Sent 2 emails relating to my car insurance and to my guarantie accident. Had a "bot" asked me questions to which I provided answers. Then the message asked for a phone number on which they could reach me "en cas écheance".....feeling my luck might just be in today!
  11. My simple answer, after much searching, appears to be 'no'. UK personal pensions are seemingly not classed as "assurance vie" / life insurance products. Tbh, I find that surprising. Not complaining obviously, as there's less for me to do when filling in the tax return.
  12. Indeed you can. La Poste are getting quite tech savvy these days.
  13. Yeah, you bet! But I can send the lettre recommandée via my trusty computer.....hah!
  14. You might have to send a lettre recommandée. Some companies are still quaintly old fashioned when it suits them.
  15. I can cope with the cold, it's the flooding afterwards that always concerns me, after we were very badly flooded about 5-6 years ago .. so each winter now I panic a little when it is not dry.
  16. Weather patterns are interesting. I keep a daily weather record and have done so for years. The one thing that is certain is that every year the weather pattern is different. Some dryer, wetter and more or less snow though perhaps surprisingly the average is, well about average!! It is the interpretation of these changes that alarms people into believing all sorts of theories. My own belief is that weather patterns started changing the second day the earth was formed and has continued to do so since with or without interference from mankind. The ski stations will be pleased anyway!!
  17. Snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of November represents an important parameter for the early winter forecast. This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early phase and in Europe, might be strongly influenced by such a large snow extent, although many other factors need attention. https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/snow-extent-northern-hemisphere-highest-56-years-winter-cold-rrc/ Could be a cold winter here - which we don't need, bearing in mind the electrical power situation.
  18. Thank you, particulier, just the info I need. As I have just about a month before the end of my contract, I shall send a letter via my secure messagerie tomorrow. As I do everything online, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle (famous last words, ha! ha!)
  19. If you ask the new insurer they should do all the necessary (cancel your existing contract etc) for you. You might need to ask your existing insurer for a releve d'information but even that, ime, has been handled by the new insurer. If not, there are template letters that you can find on the web to send and, yes you're right, it's a month before. Your insurer you should send you a renewal notice latest a month before renewal date and you can cancel once you've received that. Tbh, I think it's much simpler than it once was but I am going back many years now (10+) Edit: Links to template letters.... https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2659 https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R2689
  20. It's years since I last changed car insurer and so I would be grateful if someone can kindly take me through the process. Ok, found new quote, filled in necessary info, and agreed in principle to the new insurer. These are some of the questions that now come to mind. Is it one month for notifying the previous insurer? And is it the releve personelle that I need to ask for? Can I telephone or send an email to resilier the old contrat or will I need to make the request by registered post. How the world has moved on and how differently many things are done and her I am, in my quiet way of life, quite often at sea about how to go about doing things which would have been a cinch in the past😕
  21. Thanks everybody for the replies.
  22. With someone, or 'in tandem' if you like.
  23. I'm revisiting this old topic because I found it when searching for an answer to something. French tax authorities have seemingly 'pinged' the requirement to declare foreign accounts and 'life insurance' policies.... https://www.impots.gouv.fr/international-particulier/questions/declaring-foreign-bank-accounts-and-life-insurance-policies-held My simple question: should UK personal pensions be declared? Previously, the consensus seemed to be 'no'. Today, I'm not so sure. I can see that personal pensions could be of interest to Impots (e.g. wealth tax) but not sure they can be classed as life insurance policies per se. They are, after all, savings vehicles but not like the classic French assurance vie - the latter being what I think the French impots are thinking of. Maybe it is a matter of translation.
  24. When you are a team of 2 persons working on a project, you work in "binôme". Binôme means "à deux"
  25. It means with working in collaboration with another medical profession. Before my doctor retired he went "en binome" with another doctor for a couple of years. Think job-share.
  26. It seems to translate as " in pairs" or "paired". https://www.deepl.com/translator#fr/en/en binome
  27. I’ve received a message relating to our (former) district nurse, which said that she was working “en binome”. Would somebody help me with what means?
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